Get Planning – Because It’s Happening!

We all know the flexible workplace is here to stay and at Collaboration Squared we have been working throughout the pandemic with Clients who were keen to make sure that working from home, did not mean people being side-lined or disadvantaged. Does your current work set-up allow you to feel present and connected with co-workers?

People who work remotely have two main complaints:

1) Loneliness
2) Collaboration

And we have worked hard to come up with a solution for them…

Video window was created to connect two (or many more) work areas – to make it feel like you are in the same physical space. It’s always on, so users have a feeling of connection and presence with their team as they see their other teammates, status updates and devices in their assigned group. And each device audio is separated so that colleagues can have side conversations throughout the day without disturbing the rest of the group.

Always on DOESN’T mean “in your face” or “on display”, it just means you are connected, no logging in, no passwords, no faff – just your colleagues around you throughout the day as if you were in the same space. And it DOESN’T mean that you are always being looked at or listened to! The user remains in control.

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Connect, collaborate and communicate with Video Window