Staying Valued When Working Remotely

The Hybrid Workplace Part II

The majority of knowledge workers have now returned to work having adopted a hybrid working strategy.  This new way of working has already proven itself during the pandemic, but as we settle into the “new norm” we now have to ensure that ALL workers – no matter their location remain as visible and as valued as each other.

Fight against the pull toward transactional relationships

The main difference between everyone working together in an office and working from home is that you miss the “organic opportunities” to connect.  From water-cooler conversations, to simply chatting in the elevator.  Knowing when someone’s birthday is coming up or when they are going on vacation isn’t essential to your job performance, but it provides a form of “social glue” that enables you to connect with your co-workers beyond the purely transactional format of team meetings and conference calls discussing your work.  It’s those chance conversations that “bind” you to your colleagues and can often turn into meaningful collaborations at work. 

Key Facts on the Visibility of Remote Workers

A recent Joblist survey has highlighted the need to adopt some strategies to stay in the loop and maintain your productivity—and visibility when working remotely.

  • Women were twice as likely than men to feel extremely invisible from their employers while working from home.
  • 36% of remote employees had a “visibility strategy” such as making sure all their projects kept moving, helping their colleagues with work, and taking care of small details.
  • 93% of managers had a favorable impression of employees trying to stand out while working remotely.

Have a Visibility Strategy

  • Innovate:  Invite co-workers for one-on-one video chats or perhaps host a virtual networking event.
  • Make sure people know you are working and available for a chat anytime. 
  • Initiate those chats – be mindful of your co-workers lives and responsive to what’s happening in them
  • When you have scheduled team calls, make sure you re visible and well lit – ensure people remember your face!
  • Suggest a weekly one-to one with your boss

Ensure you are Easy to Work With

  • Be available when people need you
  • When possible, know – and work around your Managers schedule
  • Find out key people’s communication preference and use it.  It may be the phone, Slack, Video or email, but if you don’t ask you won’t know

Get on Video

Nobody wants more meetings! However, it’s important that your face remains a constant with your colleagues in the office, so make a point of both social and work connections via video. 

We know you have  job to do, but keeping these points in mind and putting in the effort to remain visible the effort is definitely worth it, given the impact on both your reputation at work and your ability to do your job successfully.