Ultrawide webcam – support for 180 degree webcams or can use standard 120 or 90 degree webcam and we crop the images to still be immersive on-screen πŸ‘Œ

Ultrawide touch display – support for ultrawide form factors including 21:9 or even 48:9

True immersion - Feel as though truly in the same space

Choose your own hardware - Or bundle a hardware and software deal from us

Digital signage – make use of the large screen when no one is on audio with split screen Video Window and digital signage

Video Window Immersive 1 minute explainer video

Digital signage in ultra-wide

The other great thing about using ultra-wide displays is that we have a lot of screen real estate we can work with. Although we love the full screen immersive feeling Video Window provides, we also see the value in using parts of the screen when no one is on the audio. For example, with our digital signage feature you can configure where either 50/50, 70/30 or 30/70 split of the screen can be shared with digital signage for your corporate messaging in these common area spaces for periods of time. For example you can configure every 30 minutes, show 10 minutes of digital signage on a 50/50 split of the screen. Of course if any site joins the audio on Video Window then the screen goes back to full screen immersive.

Ultrawide hardware options

Video Window of course works with traditional 16:9 and 9:16 format displays for landscape and portrait, but for a truly immersive experience for Video Window in ultrawide format it's up to you to decide what type and size of screen you want to install. The great thing is that the Video Window software will automatically adapt to whatever format you throw at it.

For ultrawide touchscreens it's typically 21:9 format and you can purchase from manufacturers like iiyama, Avocor and Jupiter systems. These generally come in 81”, 92” or 105” sizes.

To celebrate the launch of Video Window Immersive we putting together a very special bundle with our friends at iiyama for an incredible price for a limited number of customers. We are bundling....

  • iiyama 105” ultrawide touch display
  • iiyama 5k OPS computer
  • iiyama 180 degree field of view webcam
  • 1 year Video Window enterprise license (incl 4k and all features)

Fill in the form at the bottom of this page, or email us at for details of the special offer.

Aside from the purpose-made ultrawide screens you can get very creative with solutions that use one, or multiple touch short-throw projectors including this incredible installation from Italian company Screenline with their triple projector 300” ITS PRO product (see below).

Alternatively you can install on a video wall configured as you wish (but the cost of video walls gets very expensive).

In addition to the display you will need a powerful i7 computer to run the Video Window application in 4k, plus a 4K webcam that is ideally 120 degrees or 180 degrees. Our personal favorites are the Poly R30, iiyama UC Cam 180 or Jabra panacast.

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