Pre press release video – Create a Happy Hybrid Workplace – pt2 (of 3) – Video Window


This is Daryl Hutchings the CEO of Collaboration Squared.

I want to give you a pre:press release sneak peek of the launch of Video Window for iOS and Android for creating happy hybrid workplace for organizations of all sizes and truly equalize remote employees status with their in-office counterparts.

A recent survey of over 1,000 US based remote employees by Joblist about visibility in the workplace stated that 95% of employers believed remaining visible was important to career advancement and 93% of managers had a favorable impression of employees making an effort to stand out while working remotely. Yet only 38% of employees have gone out of their way to be noticed while working from home and a massive 64% of remote employees have no visibility strategy at all.

In addition, mental health of remote employees has been extremely challenging over the last 18 months and those who feel invisible are more likely to feel burned out, lonely, have feelings of imposter syndrome and depression. (myself included)

With offices starting to reopen this gap will only widen for those that continue to work from home either full-time or part-home / part-office.

So Video Window is the world’s first always-on immersive video conferencing portal with enterprise customers including Netflix, Intel, WeWork and Logitech.

The large office-side devices like you see behind me here are specially placed in common areas, not meeting rooms and designed to create an extension of physical space, help maintain culture and enable those adhoc water-cooler conversations across offices. The remote employees that are connected are shown in the small circles so not too overbearing.  

The remote employees download Video Window to their iOS or Android device and can instantly connect to the common-areas of their offices and other remote employees feeling present, connected, visible, equalized and help reduce loneliness. Then if a remote user wants to have an actual conversation with an office device user or remote user it’s a simple case of clicking join audio to have a live call.

The benefit of using Video Window on a tablet or phone is so a remote employee can place it to the side of your main computer, reducing video fatigue as you glance at Video Window as and when you want. Also meaning their main computer can continue to be used for general productivity tasks and meetings.

To protect the privacy of remote employees we’ve put many safeguarding features in place and will detail these in the press release.

I’m also delighted to announce that Video Window Remote is going to be completely FREE. It’s our way of giving back to the global community to help with mental health for remote employees.

At Collaboration Squared our main goal is to improve human connection and this is precisely what Video Window is for.  

So if culture, employee welfare and inclusivity are important to an organization, then Video Window is a must to research and review. Especially whilst there are still so many travel restrictions in place for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video, feel free to email me directly at for any questions or to schedule a video call.