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Video Window FAQs

Firewall settings

When using Video Window (VW), the following ports should be allowed through any firewalls which carry traffic for the involved devices (bidirectional):

Purpose Protocol/Port Source Destination
Video Window Media Servers and WebServers communication TCP 80
TCP 443
UDP 10000
UDP 3478
UDP 3479
UDP 443

The hardware

Video Window Office

Video Window Office for the office common areas can be used on commodity hardware. Or in other words, you don’t need to buy a lot of kit to use it! Here’s what’s we think you’ll need…


For your HQ or Office Common Areas:

Touch display. 65” or 75” is best to feel life sized. But ANY touch screen is good. Some customers like to put Video Window on their “all in one” 27" computer on the wall…

Also, if you don’t have touch screens, you can use a low-cost touch overlay frame to turn any non-touch screen into a touch screen.. wow!

Or even just use a mouse to keep hardware costs super low...

Contact us and we can tell you all about your options


i7 (or i5) PC with Microsoft Windows 10 or 8.

Or Mac and Linux work too.

The better the processor and memory, the better the HD glory

USB Camera / MIC / Speaker

Any USB or default webcam, mic and speaker peripherals are OK.

The Logitech MeetUp and Poly P15 are favourites of ours due to the 4k camera, mic array and speaker bar.

These are things to look for to ensure great quality video and audio.

Physical Location

Two or more areas you want to connect! There is no limitation on how many locations you need to link. And they can be on different sides of the world or simply between floors/areas of the same building.

Video Window Remote

Video Window Remote for the remote workers home office setups can be used on commodity hardware. Or in other words, you don’t need to buy a lot of kit to use it! Here’s what’s we think you’ll need...

Tablet or Phone

For your remote worker home office setup it is best to use a tablet for Video Window Remote so it is a separate device from your main work computer and you can glance across and use Video Window when you want to without interfering with your work computer productivity tasks and meetings.

Minimum specs…

iOS: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Android: Requires Android 8.0 or later.

Camera mic/speaker/processor: The higher quality spec you go for the higher quality you will be shown to the far side. Apple iPad’s generally perform the best here.

Physical size: it's very much up to you on the size of your device. The bigger the better to get that immersive feeling with the office, 10” is ideal.


To keep your tablet in the correct place, orientation and powered, we recommend purchasing a low cost stand. This will help ensure your colleagues see you correctly on the far side and don't get a nose cam 👃

Here's a good example on Amazon

Optional computer

You can also download Video Window Remote onto a PC, Mac or Linux computer.

If you have a dedicated device you are using for Video Window, this will work perfectly fine.

Using Video Window Remote on your main work computer is possible - but not recommended because if you use other video conferencing applications it will compete for camera/mic/processor resources and might therefore not be the seamless, easy, always there for you app we’ve designed.

Hence we recommend a tablet, phone or separate computer/laptop for Video Window Remote.