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Video window FAQs

Firewall Settings

When using Video Window (VW), the following ports should be allowed through any firewalls which carry traffic for the involved devices (bidirectional):

Purpose Protocol/Port Source Destination
Video Window front end TCP/443 VW
Communicating to videobridge TCP/4433 VW
Communicating to videobridge UDP/10000-20000 VW
Communicating to Video Window TURN and STUN Servers TCP/443 VW
Communicating to Zoom SDK TCP/443 VW

Hardware recommendations

Video Window can be used on commodity hardware. Here’s what’s recommended that you’ll need...


Touch display. 65” or 75” is best to feel life sized. But any touch screen is good, some customers like to put Video Window on all in one 27" computer on the wall. Also if you have no touch screens, you can use a low cost touch overlay frame to turn any non-touch screen, into a touch screen, wow. Contact us for recommendations


i7 (or i5) PC with Microsoft Windows 10 or 8. Or Mac and Linux work too, Chromebox soon. The better the processor and memory, the better the HD glory

USB Camera / MIC / Speaker

Logitech MeetUp is a favorite of ours due to the 4k camera, mic array and speaker bar. Important for great quality video and audio. But any USB or default webcam, mic and speaker peripherals are OK too

Physical Location

Two or more great common areas you want to connect.