For the remote team

Enable remote employees

Enable remote employees to have a view of the office/s and feel present and connected with each other to help improve mental health (pointing to main stage)

Audio off

Audio off by default to avoid distractions, but can jump into a conversation any time they want (pointing at join audio button)

Reduce video fatigue

Reduce video fatigue by having Video Window on a separate tablet or phone, off to the side of their computer (pointing to iPad bezel)

Hybrid Workplace – We’ve got you covered...

Video Window Remote is our free App for iOS and Android that ensures that ALL workers – no matter their location remain as visible and as valued as each other.

Company culture does not exist within walls; it exists in the interactions of its people and Video Window Remote enables you to connect with co-workers beyond the purely transactional format of team meetings and conference calls, and remain connected even whilst you are completing other work tasks.

remote group
remote tablet

Video Window remote has been designed to embed well-being into every aspect of the delivery of work, which opens the possibility for employees to both live and perform at their best. Everyone, everywhere, can be just a tap on the screen away. And the remote worker remains in control - it’s up to you when to be seen, heard and get involved.

Simply download and install the Video Window app for your device. Login, define your working hours and you are good to go!

The best placement of your tablet or phone with Video Window is next to your work computer on a tablet/phone stand, ideally at eye level height. Then use it just like glancing across in a real office :) Which massively reduces video fatigue as it’s not taking your full attention.

Technology cannot (and will not) replace humans, but it is vital in supporting our interactions and remarkably successful in augmenting our work. Video Window enables meaningful human interactions, supports employees’ mental health and fosters collaboration and connectivity at distance.

remote laptop and mobile

With video conferencing solutions as clever as Video Window, teams have removed the physical obstacles of working apart. They chat on an ad hoc basis as though they were chatting to someone in the office, they collaborate on white boards as if they were sharing the same marker pen and they never have to worry about passwords, logging in, Wi-Fi connections, security – or anything else that people in the same room don’t have to contend with.

This is removing the physical obstacles. This is how people connect without touch. This is the future of remote working.

The hardware

Video Window Remote

Video Window Remote for the remote workers home office setups can be used on commodity hardware. Or in other words, you don’t need to buy a lot of kit to use it! Here’s what’s we think you’ll need...

Tablet or Phone

For your remote worker home office setup it is best to use a tablet for Video Window Remote so it is a separate device from your main work computer and you can glance across and use Video Window when you want to without interfering with your work computer productivity tasks and meetings.

Minimum specs…

iOS: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Android: Requires Android 8.0 or later.

Camera mic/speaker/processor: The higher quality spec you go for the higher quality you will be shown to the far side. Apple iPad’s generally perform the best here.

Physical size: it's very much up to you on the size of your device. The bigger the better to get that immersive feeling with the office, 10” is ideal.


To keep your tablet in the correct place, orientation and powered, we recommend purchasing a low cost stand. This will help ensure your colleagues see you correctly on the far side and don't get a nose cam 👃

Here's a good example on Amazon

Optional computer

You can also download Video Window Remote onto a PC, Mac or Linux computer.

If you have a dedicated device you are using for Video Window, this will work perfectly fine.

Using Video Window Remote on your main work computer is possible - but not recommended because if you use other video conferencing applications it will compete for camera/mic/processor resources and might therefore not be the seamless, easy, always there for you app we’ve designed.

Hence we recommend a tablet, phone or separate computer/laptop for Video Window Remote.

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