The world’s first always-on immersive video conferencing portal

A platform that creates an extension of physical space for inter-office and remote teams

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We believe deeply in human connection. Video Window’s purpose is to create an extension of physical space to ensure workers feel more connected with each other - as if they were sharing the same space. Ultimately our goal is to help teams achieve their highest level of success possible. Transforming how people collaborate and communicate and the relationships they form.

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Instant communication for offices, common areas and remote workers – hybrid working solved.

Video Window is different, it’s designed specifically for common areas (not traditional video conference meeting rooms). Designed to remove physical boundaries and make you feel as though you are looking through a “magic window” to the other locations. Helping everyone truly feel part of the team and stay in touch - no matter their location or ability to travel.

Remote workers often feel isolated or “unseen”. Our truly mobile hybrid working solution levels the playing field for all workers allowing connection and spontaneous collaboration throughout the day.

For the office


With patent-pending technology, Video Window has been developed to remain permanently connected for the hours of the day the administrator sets.

One Button User Interface

Simplicity is essential. No scheduling, No URL’s, No app downloads, No user logins, No addresses to type. Just walk up and press the big button to join the audio. This is instant communication

Remote Workers

Remain in charge of how and when you interact with the portal and your team, who are only a “tap” away. You can work on your computer, whilst remaining completely connected to your colleagues and collaborate with them as if you were in the same room.

Human Connection

Hybrid working is here to stay and Video Window is technology’s response to our need for human connection, no matter our location. It can support your hybrid-office strategy and helps conserve corporate identity - whilst safeguarding remote workers mental health and giving your people an immersive, feel-good opportunity to communicate and collaborate. Put simply, Video Window helps teams feel closer together and be more productive, every day.

KNOCK KNOCK Who's There?

You may be unmuted, but what if the other site isn't? How do you get their attention? We thought about this problem in a very human way. So we built a feature that allows you to select any site, then simply tap on the screen and it’ll make a tapping noise through to the other side to get their attention.

Whiteboarding, BUT DIFFERENT

Collaborative whiteboarding is a must for any touchscreen device, but we wanted to think a bit differently. One thing that irritated us with other video conferencing whiteboard solutions is that once you start whiteboard it makes the video feed tiny. We wanted to keep this experience immersive, so like a real window we made our whiteboard transparent so you can still see your colleagues in full-screen goodness.

And sure, you can draw a silly face on someone too if you want!

Good Night , Sleep Tight

You can set Video Window to 24 x 7 if you wish. However, you are in control so you can set it to what works for YOU.

We like to think responsibly regarding power and bandwidth savings when the device is not in use. So we created an overnight sleep mode so it’ll automatically turn itself on and off at set times.

Don't worry though if a person needs to use the device during an off time, they simply touch the screen and it’ll come back to life instantly and reconnect ready to use.

Always-on also doesn’t mean always being watched! Remote workers can decide when they want to be seen by their colleagues and they are only a tap on the Window away if someone needs them. Our always on video conferencing just means there is no faff - no logging in and no dropped connections and no scheduling or waiting around.

Portrait mode you say? No problem

Video Window works in both Landscape and also Portrait mode. If you want to set up Portrait mode simply install the display on its side, adjust your display settings to portrait and the Video Window software automatically adapts the layout. Yeah, just like magic.

Portrait mode is perfect for communal areas and those “water cooler” type convo’s that we need to foster in the hybrid workplace.

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Join external meetings? Of Course!

We’ve built an external video dialer into Video Window that lets you easily leave Window mode to make a video call to an external video conferencing service.

This means you CAN use the Video Window Office device to use for your Zoom meetings too (if you really want to 😉). And we are working on Microsoft Teams meetings, Webex meetings and SIP video conference integration too.

For the remote team

remote group

Hybrid Workplace – We’ve got you covered...

Video Window from office to office is fantastic! But the true value of Video Window is its adaptability to connect anyone, anywhere.

Forward thinking organisations are already using Video Window Remote to build a robust Hybrid Workplace strategy and solve the communication challenges involved in having a mix of people in the office and Working From Home or on-the-go.

Hybrid Working is the future, however, remote workers have voiced concerns about feeling isolated or being overlooked.

Video Window is here to change this.

remote tablet

Using a standard iOS or Android tablet or phone, Video Window Remote lets you feel present and connected with both the office and other remote workers throughout their day.

Everyone, everywhere, can be just a tap on the screen away. And the remote worker remains in control - it’s up to you when to be seen, heard and get involved.

Simply download and install the Video Window app for your device. Login, define your working hours and you are good to go!

The best placement of your tablet or phone with Video Window is next to your work computer on a tablet/phone stand, ideally at eye level height. Then use it just like glancing across in a real office :) Which massively reduces video fatigue as it’s not taking your full attention.

Also, as we’ve already said, we get it. Everyone has a personal life, and this is new territory for most companies. We want you to feel connected, and ‘at the office” without exposing yourself and your loved ones to ‘always-on’ video at home. So, for remote workers we’ve changed the way video conferencing behaves. You start the day with your video feed, camera and audio off, but you instantly feel connected with your team as you see a live status of the other people and devices in your assigned group.

Then when you are ready to jump on video, it's a simple switch - which you can turn on and off as you wish throughout the day. And, even when you toggle video on, the audio is still off by default. so you aren't distracted by unnecessary noise from other team members' conversations. We call this opt in audio.

remote laptop and mobile

When your video is on, but your audio is off (most of the time) you are represented as a small circle to the other participants. The only time you will fill the stage area is when you actually join audio.

Something important and useful to remember with Video Window is if you can see the far side, it means you are also on camera so it's a great indicator to make sure you are aware and when your video toggle is off no one can see you or hear you.

Video Window ultimately gives you the privacy you need, with the ability to “drop in” as if you were there.

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

Yes, we are very serious about this. We get it, you may be worried that this device is always-on and pointing to a common area.

Here’s some important privacy and security measures we’ve enforced….

Opt-in Audio
Audio Timer
No Web Guest Access
Privacy Mode

Even though the video is on by default, the audio is off at each location for both microphone and speaker, meaning the only time a site can hear and be heard is when someone is physically standing at the device having tapped the “join audio” button.

Also, we know people will unmute, have their conversation and forget to hang up the audio. Don't worry, we’ve got you covered. We have a timer that will automatically disconnect the audio after the set time.

Video Window will only allow other Video Window’s within its group to see each other, and all Video Windows are always seen on-screen, no one else can view the video feeds. (And yes, that even excludes the account administrators!)

If you are using the common area for another event or don't want it to be visible to the other Video Window locations for a moment, you can set a privacy timer that will turn off all video/audio in both directions on the device for a set time. Once the time is up, it’ll automatically reconnect for you (audio muted of course).

The hardware

Video Window Office

Video Window Office for the office common areas can be used on commodity hardware. Or in other words, you don’t need to buy a lot of kit to use it! Here’s what’s we think you’ll need…


For your HQ or Office Common Areas:

Touch display. 65” or 75” is best to feel life sized. But ANY touch screen is good. Some customers like to put Video Window on their “all in one” 27" computer on the wall…

Also, if you don’t have touch screens, you can use a low-cost touch overlay frame to turn any non-touch screen into a touch screen.. wow!

Or even just use a mouse to keep hardware costs super low...

Contact us and we can tell you all about your options


i7 (or i5) PC with Microsoft Windows 10 or 8.

Or Mac and Linux work too.

The better the processor and memory, the better the HD glory

USB Camera / MIC / Speaker

Any USB or default webcam, mic and speaker peripherals are OK.

The Logitech MeetUp and Poly P15 are favourites of ours due to the 4k camera, mic array and speaker bar.

These are things to look for to ensure great quality video and audio.

Physical Location

Two or more areas you want to connect! There is no limitation on how many locations you need to link. And they can be on different sides of the world or simply between floors/areas of the same building.

Video Window Remote

Video Window Remote for the remote workers home office setups can be used on commodity hardware. Or in other words, you don’t need to buy a lot of kit to use it! Here’s what’s we think you’ll need...

Tablet or Phone

For your remote worker home office setup it is best to use a tablet for Video Window Remote so it is a separate device from your main work computer and you can glance across and use Video Window when you want to without interfering with your work computer productivity tasks and meetings.

Minimum specs…

iOS: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Android: Requires Android 8.0 or later.

Camera mic/speaker/processor: The higher quality spec you go for the higher quality you will be shown to the far side. Apple iPad’s generally perform the best here.

Physical size: it's very much up to you on the size of your device. The bigger the better to get that immersive feeling with the office, 10” is ideal.


To keep your tablet in the correct place, orientation and powered, we recommend purchasing a low cost stand. This will help ensure your colleagues see you correctly on the far side and don't get a nose cam 👃

Here's a good example on Amazon

Optional computer

You can also download Video Window Remote onto a PC, Mac or Linux computer.

If you have a dedicated device you are using for Video Window, this will work perfectly fine.

Using Video Window Remote on your main work computer is possible - but not recommended because if you use other video conferencing applications it will compete for camera/mic/processor resources and might therefore not be the seamless, easy, always there for you app we’ve designed.

Hence we recommend a tablet, phone or separate computer/laptop for Video Window Remote.

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