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The worlds first always-on video conferencing portal

We believe deeply in human connection. Video Window’s purpose is to create an extension of physical space to ensure workers feel more connected with each other - as if they were sharing the same space. Ultimately our goal is to help teams achieve their highest level of success possible. Transforming how people collaborate and communicate and the relationships they form.


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Instant communication for offices, common areas and remote workers – hybrid working solved.

Video Window is different, it’s designed specifically for common areas (not traditional video conference meeting rooms). Designed to remove physical boundaries and make you feel as though you are looking through a “magic window” to the other locations. Helping everyone truly feel part of the team and stay in touch - no matter their location or ability to travel.

Remote workers often feel isolated or “unseen”. Our truly mobile hybrid working solution levels the playing field for all workers allowing connection and spontaneous collaboration throughout the day.

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For the office

office portrait mode

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For the remote team

remote tablet

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The hardware

Video Window Office

Video Window Office for the office common areas can be used on commodity hardware. Or in other words, you don’t need to buy a lot of kit to use it! Here’s what’s we think you’ll need…

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Video Window Remote

Video Window Remote for the remote workers home office setups can be used on commodity hardware. Or in other words, you don’t need to buy a lot of kit to use it! Here’s what’s we think you’ll need...

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For Humanity

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Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

Yes, we are very serious about this. We get it, you may be worried that this device is always-on and pointing to a common area.

Here’s some important privacy and security measures we’ve enforced….

Opt-in Audio
Audio Timer
No Web Guest Access
Privacy Mode

Even though the video is on by default, the audio is off at each location for both microphone and speaker, meaning the only time a site can hear and be heard is when someone is physically standing at the device having tapped the “join audio” button.

Also, we know people will unmute, have their conversation and forget to hang up the audio. Don't worry, we’ve got you covered. We have a timer that will automatically disconnect the audio after the set time.

Video Window will only allow other Video Window’s within its group to see each other, and all Video Windows are always seen on-screen, no one else can view the video feeds. (And yes, that even excludes the account administrators!)

If you are using the common area for another event or don't want it to be visible to the other Video Window locations for a moment, you can set a privacy timer that will turn off all video/audio in both directions on the device for a set time. Once the time is up, it’ll automatically reconnect for you (audio muted of course).

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