Hybrid Office and a Looming 2-Tier Workforce

Companies across the globe are implementing their version of the hybrid office for their organisation. We will not be returning to that “way it was” in any sense of our lives and this includes how your workplace will look and who will be there.

The problem that they are encountering which we are hearing time and time again was well put in an article yesterday from Twist:

“Unfortunately, [hybrid] teams confront even more communication and collaboration challenges than fully remote ones. Information gets siloed in offices while remote employees are left in the dark. Companies might hire around the world, but conform to HQ time in PT or EST, leaving their Australian colleagues to work around the clock to keep up. The result is an unintended hierarchy where office workers are naturally heard, recognized, and promoted –– while remote workers are left out.”

Thankfully, forward thinking companies (of all shapes and sizes) are recognising this and adopting Video Window , a unique video conferencing tool, to keep in touch with ALL their employees, no matter where they are and no matter that they can’t travel to see them.

Video Window to many, feels like the technology “of the future” as it truly enables organisations to “bring down walls” and fosters human connection between colleagues, allowing for those “water cooler” type conversations that you simply cannot get from the technology quickly adopted during the COVID-19 crisis that requires logins, passwords and staring into tiny screens…

We have been working hard to continuously improve Video Window, and make video conferencing immersive and “real”. Having listened to our clients throughout this pandemic and will shortly be able to reveal our newest development which is 100% aimed at making sure remote workers have a level playing field to work in AND an experience just like their colleagues in the office.

Watch this space!