Why Numat group implemented Video Window 🚀 

Jacob Judd (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacob-judd-b8260660/) is a Director at Numat Group. We asked Jacob what he thought of Video Window and here’s what he had to say. 

Please introduce yourself, your company, what your company does and your responsibilities. 

“How’s it going? I’m Jacob from a company called Numat Group in New Zealand. So Numat Group does a variety of service provided industries. Initially, it started off in the playground industry, safety servicing and then diversified out into the agricultural industry, supplying rubber matting for dairy sheds. And in more recent years, we’ve actually diversified into the field design and build of playgrounds, plan environments and play spaces for councils, schools and early childhood.” 

What problem were you facing that made you seek out Video Window and how did Video Window help you overcome those problems? 

“So the problem we are facing with multiple depots and offices across the country and also in Australia was to have a system that we could just turn on and just leave to operate day and night, depending on which office you are from. And we found with Video Window, it’s been a no brainer. Virtually you don’t have to touch it. Apart from the odd time in the month you might have to reboot something, but other than that, it just works between all the offices as long as the Internet is strong and you’ve got a good computer, a good laptop, we run through a decent monitor and you’ll have videos between your officers seamlessly on a Monday to Friday basis.” 

What is the best thing about Video Window? (Or your favorite features) 

“Probably the best thing we found with Video Window would be it just works, it’s reliability. So we come in the morning and the officers are turned on, and whether we are they or not, it’s operational. So definitely the favorite feature.” 

Would you recommend our product/service and if so, who to? 

“So I’d certainly recommend Video Window to any company that’s running remote offices or multiple depots. If you’ve had the problem with multiple technology software programs in the past, what you’ll find with Video Window, you just turn it on and it works, and it just becomes that remote depot inside your office.” 

If you would like to try out Video Window for your business please head over to our free trial page or email us at info@videowindow.com