Why LanciaConsult loves Video Window ❤️ 

Ned Nicol (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nednicol/) is the Managing Director of LanciaConsult UK. We asked Ned what he thought of Video Window and here’s what he had to say.  

Please introduce yourself, your company, what your company does and your responsibilities. 

“Hi, I’m Ned Nicol. I’m the UK managing director for LanciaConsult, a global consulting firm with offices in London, Bristol, Belfast and across Asia.” 

What problem were you facing that made you seek out Video Window and how did Video Window help you overcome those problems? 

“So why do we choose Video Window? Well, we wanted to make our offices feel closer together and create stronger bonds within the team. We have Video Window in all our UK and Ireland offices, and we find we are closer because of it. It develops those informal connections, just a wave 👋 to someone else in the morning or singing a happy birthday to the team to someone in a different office. You know, these are our water cooler moments.” 

What is the best thing about Video Window? (Or your favorite features) 

“What’s the best thing about Video Window? It’s it’s ease of use and informality. We are constantly on formal Zoom and Teams meetings, and Video Window helps us with those informal connections across the team, often with colleagues who we aren’t working with day to day. It’s very unintrusive and makes interacting with others really simple.” 

Would you recommend our product/service and if so, who to? 

“I would recommend Video Window to organisations that have teams that are distributed across multiple offices. It really helps our people to connect and stay in touch with each other in an informal and natural way.” 

If you would like to try out Video Window for your business please head over to our free trial page or email us at info@videowindow.com