TechCrunch Talks Video Window Remote…

It was great to talk to Ron at TechCrunch last week about Video Window Remote.  Talking to someone submerged in the world of shaping the future of disruptive technology, made the launch of Video Window for iOS and Android exciting all over again.

Video Window Remote is designed to radically change the future of work – all for the benefit of workers, whether they are in an office or elsewhere.  And TechCrunch are not short of ideas on hybrid working and the future of work!

Companies are using our immersive video conferencing portal to help keep company culture alive, to provide the best communication tool to enhance productivity and to keep their people together whilst working apart.

And remote workers are finally “visible” in the office (and on their terms).  Able to collaborate with all colleagues without any scheduling or drama.  Even just to chat with people over a coffee as this is something necessary for human connection (and spontaneous collaboration) that has been sorely missed since enforced working from home and more recently the return to work, using hybrid office models.

You can see the full article here:

Video Window Remote aims to help remote workers feel connected to the office