Choice and Flexibility = Strong Hybrid Work Ethos

The “one size fits all” approach that organisations used for workers is not only old fashioned – post COVID it is safe to say its dead-in-the-water.

Throughout the pandemic, organisations continued to operate only because people worked remotely.  And now they will continue to operate only if they give their workers the choice whether or not they return permanently to the office AND the flexibility those workers need to do the best job possible.

So, the hybrid office is here to stay. Period.

And as organisations work out which percentage of their workforce will be in the office and which will work remotely, it is now vitally important that they adopt the technology that supports the hybrid workplace.

We all put up with the tech’ that we had during the pandemic and made the best of it.  Now, to ensure your organisation has the leading edge, you need immersive, simple and supportive technology. To both safeguard employee mental health long term and to ensure that productivity remains high and that disparate “teams” remain connected.

This does NOT mean continued Zoom calls and Microsoft Teams, which are now seen as laborious and causes of fatigue and stress to all workers – both remote and in the office. 

It DOES mean investing in Video Window, in EVERY physical location your organisation has, so that colleagues are free to meet, collaborate, work on projects together and when they want to, simply chat to each other as if they were in the same room.

This is not the future – as Google’s Project Starline would have us think.  This is here and now.  And this is not millions of dollars, this is affordable and available to companies of any shape and size…

Forward thinking companies such as Netflix, Intel and Logitech have been using Video Window during the pandemic to bridge-the-gap between remote employees.  Organizations may be using it to facilitate collaboration between floors of the same building or to focus a team that is split across different countries.

The possibilities are numerous and the benefits are huge – just have a look at this video and apply it to YOUR organisation.  And then give us a call and we can show you how Video Window can help you in leading the way with Choice and Flexibility for workers, whilst safeguarding both your management of, and connection with employees.

You can even try it free, so think about it – why wouldn’t you?