Video Window & Merge Communications are creating happy hybrid workplaces

We’ve all re-evaluated the importance of human connection and communication during these extraordinary times. Together, Video Window and Merge Communications are helping businesses across New Zealand connect and compete in the emerging hybrid workplace. 

New Zealand work trends

Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index has confirmed that the hybrid working model is here to stay:

  • 69% of business leaders in New Zealand are recognising this workplace evolution and are planning for hybrid work.
  • 71% of New Zealand workers surveyed want flexible working options to continue.
  • 61% report that their employers now care about their work-life balance.

However, the report also confirmed what we already know – remote working brings its own set of issues:

  • 65% of workers in New Zealand are craving more time with their teams.
  • 17% have experienced decreased interactions with co-workers with the move to remote work.
  • 54% of young workers state they are simply surviving or struggling.
  • 45% of workers in New Zealand feel exhausted.

Video Window

Video Window bridges the gap between remote workers and in-office teams.  It provides a window into another space, giving the chance for all workers, no matter their location to have spontaneous conversations.  It fosters wellbeing and enhances collaboration.  Put simply, Video Window brings down walls – and colleagues feel connected, as if they are looking through a window to see their co-workers.

Video Window integrates seamlessly with meeting (and other) software, and, as you would expect, has fantastic functionality for collaborative whiteboarding.  However, it is so much more than a meetings tool.  It’s the only “always on” solution designed for common areas, to foster those “water-cooler” conversations that keep colleagues in touch and “seen” by their peers.

Merge Communications

Merge are dedicated to providing converged communications solutions for New Zealand’s businesses. Priding themselves on their customer service beyond all else, Merge uses Video Window as part of their end-to-end solution for communications and digital technologies.

The future of work

Now is the time for businesses to plan their hybrid work strategy. The office, home, or elsewhere are now all places where we do business – location matters less and less and it is connectivity that’s key. With hybrid working the “new norm”, it’s imperative that businesses invest in technology and systems that foster connectivity, that safeguard company culture, create parity between the at-home and in-office workday and ensure ALL employees enjoy a seamless work experience no matter their location.

More than half of New Zealanders recently surveyed revealed that they plan to move to a new location because of remote work options, which in turn will cause a considerable turnover in workers.  Stay ahead of the curve with a robust hybrid work strategy to retain (and compete for) talent that are evidently determined to work in a more flexible environment. 

Safeguard your company culture across a network of locations and compete with businesses anywhere in the world with Merge and Video Window.